Case Studies



A mobile schedule for the flight crew

An airline company approached us to create an Android application with a portable code for further expand on iOS devices which will enable to keep the crew informed about all the flight schedule changes. We developed an app based on Xamarin technologies meeting client’s need for code portability and integrated existing web service which schedule pilots and flight attendants flight so that the information could be accessed from the mobile devices. The app has push notification functionality which informs about emergent situations.



A video-streaming child-friendly app for communication

Our customer wanted to create a safe communication channel which will protect children and senior citizens from unwanted content and contacts providing a user-friendly application with video streaming functionality. The app also has a lot of interactive features such as taking a picture during a call or sync the screen with a video call partner. The background mode was achieved with the help of OpenTok frameworks. The app performs the video-chat functionality bringing relatives closer and can also be used for educational purposes.



A web application for lawn care recommendations

We had a task to create a web app which will work as an advising tool for taking care of lawn based on the information which is provided by users. Users can enter the information about the lawn and generate dynamic recommendation about lawn care techniques and product recommendations. The app enables users to create their account via email, Facebook or Google. The app consists of two parts: one for users facing and another one for an administrator to set up the knowledge base. The app presents an advising tool for getting the recommendations about lawn care based on custom user data.



A mobile app that enables users to sign a petition

Our customer approached us with an idea of a mobile application that will support his social activity. Our customer is a community-minded citizen who is engaged in the creation and supporting common people petitions helping them to communicate the government their needs and will. We build a simple but sleek application that keeps registered users informed about people’s issues and enables to put a sign and join the relevant petition and defend their interests. Users can post their own petition describing the situation and reasons and ask other users to join.



A mobile application for food ordering

Our client was looking for a way to make world cuisines more available without any need to go out of the home. Our customer, a Thai restaurant owner, united with other representatives of world cuisines and came to our company to create a mobile application where every user will be able to select their favourite restaurant and place an order with just a few clicks. The app presents a one-stop shop for hungry customers which enables them to order, track their delivery status, and pay for their meal with a PayPal or credit card.



A web portal and iOS app for agronomists

Once we collaborated with agronomists, who were looking for a convenient way to share information on the improvement of crops quality techniques. The app aim was to connect research and practice providing agronomist useful information. We build a web portal connection it with a native iOS app which enables agronomists to share their data about the changes in the crops, while online portal enables to refer to the reports and compare a range of data from various fields. Today this program is actively used helping farmers discover the ways to improve their crops.