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We are a reputed software development company with a team of the most skilled and creative iOS developers in London. Based in the UK, we work throughout Europe and have established partnerships with some companies in the US and Australia.

Advanced Developers in London

We are a growing software agency that uses the capabilities and possibilities of information technology to provide first-class software solutions for mobile devices and desktop devices. We are headquartered in London, in collaboration with major global companies around the world, brought the novelty of the table to change the client's business, has a reputation that flourished in the field of IT throughout the world. The experience that has been taken with attention the rich digital agency of London of iOS developers and app designers, was to ensure a great user experience and an excellent quality of code that corresponds to the stringent requirements of the most demanding. Because it is a major software company based in London, even business solutions and small projects add expert value to all the work.

What we do

A team of experienced coders, business analysts, designers, project managers, create all the conditions and the working environment for continuous development and timely delivery for your project. The company has been involved in the IT market for over 9 years, we are collecting knowledge to be able to achieve a project goals within agreed time and budget. We work with B2B and B2C markets all around the world to help our clients improve their way of working and communicating through intelligent and innovative solutions integrated in software products.

We provide end-to-end development that includes:

  • Estimation of the concept of the app and verification of the idea.
  • Design of models and creation of navigation prototypes;
  • Write code and integration of functions.
  • Code audit and quality control test.
  • Correction of errors and maintenance;
  • IT support and consultant.

iOS 10 Development

Apple devices continue to evolve every year, allowing developers to interact with the hardware and gain new opportunities to benefit from powerful software. The latest release of the iOS platform brought new features and we were able to create new category applications. The iOS SDK, Siri, the app phone, the message, not only to expand the map, HomeKit, live photos, CloudKit, as for example through the Game Center contains a large number of active ingredients and services which provide new functionalities. Users can use the most interactive rich notification, or to see the photos, or watch the video, you can get a totally new experience that you can listen to audio files from the notification. With the latest version of iOS, new extension points were introduced such as intention, call directory, message, notification service, etc.


The iMessage feature allows users to interact with iOS applications in messages. With the message framework, iOS developers can develop advanced functions of communication applications and iOS applications and introduce new interaction functions within applications. Stickers and app iMessage, even if you are looking for extensions of business applications, developers from London will help you take advantage of the capabilities of the message frame.


With the SiriKit extension, programmers can provide users with audible access to the contents and services of the program. Siri support extends to messaging, photo search, calls and even some actions in the program, even if the app is not running. The London app designer registers the extension with the specific intention required according to the client's specifications so that it can be processed within the program.


iPhone programmers, and implement customized content in the map interface, the user can track the related services, taking into account the current location, booking, so that it is able to search, enough experience to create an accessible way the services related to the location I have. An experienced coder will ensure the corresponding intent extension to provide the desired response within the interface element that you want to display.


iPhone app to support VoIP will be able to use the CallKit frame, the call is shown on the lock screen, it also appears in the Favorites and recent tab. In addition to using this framework, programmers can provide users with access to mute control and call waiting. Therefore, an app that uses the implemented CallKit can block the call and identify the caller.

Apple Pay

Recently introduced Apple Pay function By integrating iPhone software and iPad, you can provide a secure and user-friendly payment gateway for the user. iOS 10 introduced a new API that iPhone developers can use in the code to implement features that support dynamic payment networks. This feature greatly improves the user experience by streamlining time-consuming payment processing.

Experience in iOS development

iOS platform is widely used in the business user, as long as the iOS user is likely to use the iPhone and other Apple devices, the developers of iOS London fully understand the development of this platform. He has extensive experience in creating commercial digital products with coding capabilities in Swift and the Objective-C programming language. Despite all of Apple's restrictions, the creative app designer knows how to customize the user interface to ensure the transfer of the visual-business identity. We, the design patterns of, Xcode IDE, implementation of the API, integration of analysis platforms, Cocoa Touch, another framework, and are experts in all the things that are pending us of IOS software solutions, with only oriented to objects I will. By practicing the agile development method, iOS developers always provide experience and work closely with each other and with clients. We respond to the pace of technological evolution and continuously discover, evaluate and introduce new technologies that maximize development efficiency.



By hiring the programmers of applications for iPhone and iPad in London, you have the key to the realization of the technological vision on the highest level of technological standards. A certified development company offers a first class service that allows customers to use all the hardware and software functions of the iPhone, including Retina and 3D Touch screens. Allows you to have an idea of ​​the app for the iPhone, brings interactive elements and convenient features for users, which is now ready to be transformed into a highly customized with many functions of the iPhone solution with the user experience. I know how to achieve the goal by reflecting the brand image. By using appropriate mobile software you can help mobilize employees and improve marketing strategies.



Our iPad developers in London ensure the development of high-end applications that can work in both the attractive user experience and portrait and landscape. We will help you to benefit from the large screen that realizes the minimum beauty and the efficient use of space. IPad app designers will help you create a design that matches your brand identity and attracts users. The attractive iPad applications allow companies to improve the provision of services, simplify internal processes and improve relationships with customers. The experienced and experienced development team is eager to conceptualize the amazing idea of ​​the app and transform it into a feature-rich experience.


Apple Watch

If you're interested in complementing attractive iOS applications, get in touch with a separate app developer in London. Apple Watch offers a new interactive way to involve users with notifications and complications. Google developers can help create a deeper and more attractive model to help grow the business and improve access to the app. The Apple Watch app will change the way users expand and demonstrate innovative thinking.

Members of the Apple Developer Program

As a certified iOS developer, app designers in London can reach customers around the world through the publications of the App Store. The members of the Apple Developer program have all the capabilities to create software solutions for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Watches. By accessing the App Store you can attract a billion users in the United Kingdom and other countries. We have experience so that your iOS app can be easily discovered and distinguished with other applications in the App Store. In addition, members of the Developer Program, how to provide the latest beta version of iOS developers, adopted a new Apple software quickly, to integrate the latest state-of-the-art technology into the development process, to build applications most innovative I will learn

Benefits of Certified Developers

By participating in the Apple Developer Program, iOS developers in London have access to the advanced features of operating systems and the technologies used to develop applications. With this access you can create attractive user experiences with useful features such as Apple Pay, Siri, iMessage, iCloud, etc. In addition, this program is an iOS developer tester that meets Beta's description of up to 2,000 external audiences. This test, the developers, before the program release usability, performance and confirm the intuitive, you can correct an error that has occurred. Finally, authorized developers access iTunes Connect statistics, measure user engagement and improve applications based on the success of the marketing campaign and data.

Thinning App

Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper. Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper. Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.By thinning app technology, iOS developers to optimize the installation of software solutions, to minimize storage space, can easily optimized according to the operating system upgrade. A competent software engineer has adopted this technology and has the ability to adjust the delivery of the app to the function of the user's device. With the help of this innovation in software development, our iOS developers in London can guarantee a minimum occupation of the disk space, the future adaptation of the update, a faster download and a better user experience. There are three main components:

  • Slicing. It means trusting the user's phone to divide the program into multiple transformations. This technique makes it possible to provide a mobile program that is compatible with the target device. The full version of the program will be saved in the App Store, but users will download only the part of the app required for the target device.
  • Bit code. The bit code refers to the medium of a compiled program. This will allow Apple to reoptimize the program in the future to send a new version of the program to the store.
  • Resource on demand. On-demand resources include files such as sounds and images that can be tagged with keywords. These resources are hosted on Apple servers and are downloaded only when necessary. With this download on demand, you can reduce the size of the program during the initial installation, thus accelerating the download.

London Development Agency

A reliable programmer team of qualified and creative software designers from London that offer a wide range of services, including the development of first class iOS, is here to offer the most professional tech support. We build first-class solutions, that add value to each project. Our iOS developers from London have already worked with a number of industry leaders and acquired the valuable experience. Contact us today and learn about the functions of information technology and how dedicated teams can help your business grow.