Cost of Developing the iPhone Application: Effective Solutions for Companies

The professional development of apps for iOS is our passion. We will present your company to the mobile industry using a powerful and elegant tailor-made iPhone application.

Since our establishment in 2010, our application development agency has created and offered great iOS solution. Today, we are one of the leading companies specialised in the development of iPhone apps. But before you realise the idea of ​​your application, you want to set the project budget naturally. As an expert who faces this task every day, let us help estimate the cost of developing the iPhone application.

How much does it Cost to Develop an iPhone Application?

Although we have been involved in the creation of iOS apps for many years, our team has developed more than 200 different apps and acquired valuable experience and knowledge on how to provide great apps within your budget. . According to the previous projects, it can be said that the qualitative prices of mobile apps vary from £ 20,000 to more than 600,000 pounds. Because there are several variables that range from application functionality to the cost of labor, such a large price difference is possible.

What traits do you want your software to have?

  • Qualitative;
  • Low budget;
  • Or do you want to go to the market as soon as possible?

You can combine two of these attributes, but you can not combine them all together. You should leave that company if you find a company committed to the rapid creation of high-quality, economical software solutions. Such a promise is a red flag. You risk a great risk of losing money and time.

Who? What? How?

We can hardly estimate the cost of the iPhone application without a consultant with expert developers, but you can determine the approximate budget of the project and identify the best option based on your preferences and capabilities.

You have to ask yourself and find the answer to the three main questions:

  • Who will develop your iPhone application?
  • What application will you develop?
  • And how do you want to make your application?

Look at each of these questions and take a look at the best way to make your iPhone application.

Who is the iOS developer?

One of the key factors affecting the budget of the project is the choice of the team you have entrusted to make your idea come true. The IT industry is evolving more rapidly, but the demand for IT products is very high, so the market is full of various offers in this area and there are several options.

DIY Application Builder

Nowadays, you can find many online services like Appy Pie. This allows you to develop apps without the need for coding skills. With this option, you can create cheap iOS apps in 30 minutes. However, do not wait for the good quality of the final product. Since application manufacturers offer limited functionality and customization, the software can not provide a superior user experience and can not really give users the power. Only if you need a simple application to express your brand in the mobile world of approximately $ 50 per month, that's fine. The worst thing for the writers of apps is that errors are inevitable and there is no guarantee that they really work with all the necessary devices. Reducing development costs using such platforms can have a dramatic impact on corporate reputation.

Independent Developer

Another option is to look for professional designers and developers working as freelancers on websites like If you are lucky to find proven experts, you will have the opportunity to achieve the same quality as when you work with an agency, which is probably cheaper. But at that point, the development process will take two or three times more. Development time is not the only risk that runs dependent on independent professionals. Successful teams that allow full cycle development should consist of at least the following:

  • IOS designer to create visual content.
  • Programmer with knowledge of Apple tools such as Swift, Objective-C, Xcode for the creation of software.
  • Product manager who manages the development process and connects to the development team and the client.

It would also be better to hire a quality assurance expert who can test the performance and safety of the final product. As you approach the independent professional, you must be a project manager and coordinate the efforts of developers and designers who invest a lot of time. In most cases, independent employees may even not cooperate before they can cause many false misunderstandings and communication challenges. In addition, you must have a clear idea of ​​what apps are necessary. You also need to hire an IT consultant to validate your idea. Finally, this practice is a very unreliable option since there is no guarantee that the project will not be left undeveloped during development, will not be delivered on time and will not have an unexpected cost. The overall cost, time and your effort investment exceed your expectations.

Internal Team

Instead of hiring an independent professional and trying to connect with each other, instead of getting the final product to minimize the situation, instead of creating a unique IT department that is responsible for the software development and maintenance of your company. You can Actually, this option is only profitable for hiring an outsourcing company with a long-term perspective, so it is only effective for large companies that offer Internet services and large companies that work over the Internet . First of all, hiring all the teams of experts in iPhone programming, developing departments and working as a team is a process that takes a long time.

Second, your expense includes:

  • Annual salary;
  • Benefits;
  • Equipment and tools;
  • Rental of workspace;
  • Regular training
  • And finally, a well-paid expert who is in charge of this new department.

If you have a project, these computers are not necessary, it will be a waste of time, money and energy.

Established development companies (onshore and offshore)

You can also outsource a software company specializing in iOS development for iPhone and iPad.

The advantages of hiring a complete team are clear.

  • They are experts with experience in this field.
  • Your costs will be reduced without any additional expense for the results of the task, without benefit, equipment, space, training.
  • By collaborating with a reliable company, we will reduce the overall risk and provide certain guarantees to the contract.
  • You get a project manager to help you validate your project idea, express your concern to the company, periodically report the results and provide information.
  • You can approach the long-term business relationship and approach whenever you need technical assistance without paying an annual salary.
  • The possibility of success of the project is much higher than in other cases.

If you decide to approach a professional company developing iPhone applications, you have the option of adoption on land and abroad. Therefore, if you live in the United Kingdom, you can hire a company based in London (on land) or subcontract abroad, in India, etc. Of course, offshoring will be much cheaper, but your risk will increase due to misunderstandings, unavoidable misunderstandings, lack of communication. In terms of software development, in most cases, costs directly affect quality. For that reason, economic software solutions will cost more in the long term.


What Kind of Application will you Build?

The complexity of the application, the architecture and the integrated functionality are the factors that modify the cost from 5,000 pounds to 1 million pounds. When approaching an iOS programmer, you need to easily think about what kind of functionality should be incorporated into your iPhone software. Many companies offer application calculators to help you decide the approximate cost of a project using a set of features you have chosen. This calculator is very difficult because you can not consider all the nuances of software creation. For example, the compatibility of functions, the size and resolution of the screen and the specific characteristics of the device, such as the special aspects of the operating system.

Whenever you do not talk to a company representative, each iPhone application design agency has its own set of rates so you can not reliably determine the budget of the project, but the budget of various types of iPhone apps. You can estimate the frame.

  • A simple application with table function can be estimated as a project of £ 5,000 - £ 10,000.
  • Native database integration application that has completely different levels of complexity and can vary from £ 20,000 to £ 40,000.
  • Custom apps with complex custom functions and customization cost £ 30,000 (£ 300,000 or more).
  • For research firms such as Clutch, the average cost of developing an application has reached 140,000 pounds.

What Way of Developing Software do you Want it to Accomplish?

There are two proven methodologies for software engineers to develop new iPhones and other apps (Waterfall and Agile). The first means a clear documentation process, a careful and detailed plan, a prepaid budget decision. Agile methods such as Scrum provide a flexible and repetitive procedures, but stress is placed in the work program, not in the documentation. The Waterfall allows you to know what you will finally receive and the accuracy of the cost. The disadvantage of this method is that it lacks flexibility and can not change projects when developing. In the agile process, you can implement new functions and freely remove functions that you do not need at each stage of the creation of the application. You can adjust the product for your comments. The cost in this case is not defined. Typically, programmers provide results every two weeks and determine the budget for each operation that must be performed in the last two weeks. Therefore, the final cost will remain unknown until the final result is obtained.


How to Make your iPhone Application Profitable

Due to the many aspects of developing the software, it is not easy to know how much your iPhone software costs. The development of custom apps requires a personalised cost that meets your needs. The average cost of the custom MVP iPhone starts at £ 20,000 to £ 30,000 with the latest innovation and implementation of the proven developing method. And we can guarantee that your iPhone application will be a profitable investment of your time and money. The impact of software on business is so great that we can make the most of that advantage. We understand how to develop an excellent iPhone design and provide customers with a superior user experience that will benefit new customers and loyal customers. In addition, our business analysts can develop a monetization strategy that includes installation costs, customer acquisition costs, in-app purchases and all produce a high ROI.

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