Foley App Designer: We combine Performance and Glamor

We are highly sophisticated designers and software developers who team up on one of Australia's headquarters to create outstanding apps. We have created and promoted more than 250 custom apps for the most important mobile platforms.

Our UX / UI design is based on functionality and user-centric implementation that will allow us to build your business dream exactly in implementing the program.

We create smart apps

As a true developer of software development projects, we understand how to bring the most difficult ideas to life and app creation that deliver true value.

App creators create programs that cater to all business needs and offer many benefits of educational software and clinical equipment for amazing games and customized business solutions for all industries. Our IT agency organize teams to find the most effective way to work on attractive, user-friendly feature implementation.

Enterprise IT Solutions

Our services are not limited to programming and programming apps, internal experts provide customer analysis, market research, advertising and marketing consulting to optimize overall product performance and maximize return on investment. We are a leading programmer and developer and provide a broad portfolio of examples for global companies and start-ups around the world. Our experts are happy to work with you.

Small and large projects

Our plan usually comes in the long run, bringing tangible value and improving its reputation. Business acceptance is critical to establishing relationships with customers. The higher the status, the more customers will love and cope. People are proud of shopping for famous companies and are eager to have an exclusive experience with friends and family and social networks and advertise their brand.

Promote business

Push notifications are one of the most powerful ways for customers to understand products and services. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, TV or radio covers only a small and completely unique part of the target audience.

Advertising on mobile devices is just real-time marketing. If sales are progressing smoothly, our designers can create and implement push notifications, inform small discounts or special offers, and you'll see immediate effects.

Perfect customer communication

We often suggest that our clients create guest books in their apps, where users can leave comments and comments. It's a great possibility to better understand the customer, build a pleasant relationship, take care of your own problems, accept helpful critiques.

There are several ways to get in touch with the customer:

  • Sharing content and importing photo, video, and music services
  • Email via app
  • Activity calendar
  • Book and book
  • Communication subscription
  • Visit to the site.
  • Push to talk

How do we design the app's UI / UX?

You can rely on our designers to create a visually appealing network or mobile network that can be properly distributed over the long term. We'll be happy to help you start the layout from scratch or upgrade the user interface and current product experience to meet the expectations of modern consumers and visualisation trends.



We began designing work to identify business goals, dreams, and priorities. In this step, we help you find the app user's needs and keep it consistent with the real-life user story.

We also help improve the appropriate strategy to help the customer's personal needs and create a larger customer base with the help of the layout.

As a result, you can get strategic information about your own expectations and any possible interactions with the app. This can be used as a solid foundation for the UI / UX design.

Wireframe and information architecture

Based on the two steps above, the designer identified the correct key performance indicators. We've examined the focus group to test how potential users interact with app functionality. The unique assessment of user behavior allows us to accumulate feedback and effectively re-integrate the data into the motion plane to improve the app layout. Therefore, we can help you choose the best design to meet the specific needs, and to offer the greatest advantage to the users.


Interface development

Regardless of the features and functionality that were created in the app, a good designer should always use them as a basis to create a compelling look for software products. Taking into account the fact that the user is mainly based on his appearance and feel the choice of the app, this is twice the challenge. Our experts understand how to articulate the perfect design from the point of view of function and appearance.

We make sure that every programm menu of our creative team is attractive, intuitive and clear.

At this stage, we add contexts and create user stories that may be far from using the app. The designer also makes the UI layout of the app fully compatible with the client's trademark and thus is considered the necessary corporate image details.


Front End Code Development

In this step, the designer ensures that the app looks and feels the same and performs a good test on the preferred platform.

We've converted the prototype into a pixel-level working code. Developers use JavaScript, HTML5, CSS to perform front-end encoding.

Backend Integration

Upon completion of the front-end programming, the developer will continue with the back-end integration and will be equipped with the UI / UX design of the app.

Depending on the additional requirements, we can help develop the logo design for apps that apply to the app store. Do not have a business identity? Do not worry - we help you create the best way from scratch!

We create mobile apps that uphold the fundamental principles of UI design

If you want to create a beautiful mobile interface, the visual patterns are critical. The concept of layout (often called heuristics) is a free pointer to which the designer must adhere, which improves the perfection of the UI.

When used collectively, layout ideas make the activity of the app designer less complicated. They eliminate a lot of useless work, so that the interface is more predictable, so use simpler.

  • The layout of the structural principle must be precise and precise in a meaningful way to prepare accurate and regular models that may be obvious and recognizable to the user, to integrate the relevant subject together, to separate irrelevant things, to distinguish all kinds of problems, and to make similar things. The structure principle is related to the common UI architecture.
  • Main principles: design should be clear, user dashboard is visual attractive and without too many details and presents a meaningful procedure that may be associated with longer programs.
  • The basement of the visibility principle must allow the options and functions of a given task to be undistandable. The precise visualisation does not overlap options or confuses unnecessary information.
  • Feedback Principle: The design shall inform the user of changes or changes in status or circumstances, as well as exceptions or errors of interest to the user, in a concise, clear and clear language familiar to the user.
  • The principle of tolerance should be flexible and tolerant, reduce the cost of errors and abuses, allow for revoke and redo, and stop the error as much as possible, tolerating all types of inputs and sequences and explaining all reasonable actions.
  • Reuse principle layouts should reuse additives and internal and external behaviors, maintain consistency with purpose, not just any consistency, thus reducing the need for customers to reconsider and remember.

One of the basic use cases for cell phones is killing time. But that does not mean you should waste the user's waste. Our designers determine that the primary task that users need to complete is through in-depth research and the focus of the interface.

Do not waste the user’s patience

Have you ever heard this statement: "measure twice, cut once?" So this idea also applies to building apps.

When our designers work on the app, they're sure they're on the right track and avoid costly rebuilds by testing the prototype. Before writing the code, they can eliminate the twist in the design, save your time, money and develop the adjustment problem. In addition, you have noticed how customers get products in advance rather than getting products in stores.

  • We perform QA testing at every stage of the development process. That means testing thumbnails of wireframe, sketch, hi-fi models and prototypes.
  • People generally also formalize the concept of testing. However, user testing can simply ask about the risk of doing operations such as a query or even a single screen or image.
  • The layout of the user experience is the intuition of the designer and the balance between the facts. User testing is the main force in our decision-making process.


Our UI designers and app developers have already created a number of successful projects for different industries, including:

  • Mobile and web app projects
  • Graphic design and logos
  • Development of UI
  • UX Tests

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