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We build apps that make a difference!

Mobile software development is a set of processes and procedures that requires exceptional skills and knowledge. Our team obtains the level of proficiency and experience of software creation, which have been polished during years of work with different IT projects.

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Empower your employees

Our team can build a mobile software tailored to your business and directed toward shifting your employees’ work habits letting them work out of the office. Mobile devices and cloud services have enabled remote business tasks performance and can be especially useful for service providers and for those businesses who has computers and other technologies deeply integrated into their workflow. International companies with offices all around the globe or just with remotely located departments might be interested in streamlining the internal processes via corporate data mobility. Constant access to real-time data, automated reporting, immediate connection with the main office and many other things can be available to your employees increasing their productivity. Our software engineers and developers will help you to streamline, automate, optimise your internal processes ensuring that all corporate data is safe and secure.

What we do

We have collected talented and experienced developers to create a powerful team where every team member can rely on each other skills and share their expertise within the team to achieve better results. Our team can provide you with a mobile software of any type and complexity.
Native Applications

The native app ensures that your software shows optimum performance on a mobile device. Native development implies usage of native tools and specific programming languages taking advantage of the operating system and processor of particular devices. Such programs provide the best feel and look and require separate coding for each type of the device what makes the process more time-consuming if you are targeting at several platforms. Talking about native apps advantages, we should mention that they are faster, provide better functionality and user experience, can utilise device hardware, and let integrate new features faster and easier. We have iOS, Android, and Windows developers who can deliver an amazing and fully customised native application for all major operating systems.

Web Software Solutions

Web application development also can empower your mobile devices targeting all the platforms with once written code. Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and others enable to create one code for all the devices reducing the overall development cost. A debatable advantage of a web app is that it doesn’t require any storage space as it is accessed via browsers. But at the same time, web apps are less engaging because they don’t provide app icon on users’ home screens, are harder to be discovered, and require the internet connection to be used. Nevertheless, modern technologies enable offline caching to provide some of the functionality in the offline mode. Web apps can’t provide all the features of the native apps and have a poorer user experience. Prospects promise us to make browser-based apps more device-agnostic, but even now web apps functionality can be really useful for enterprises which need to process and store a large amount of data including a real-time one. Approaching to our developers, you can rely on a functional and customised web app with great performance and well-designed user interface adjusted to all the screen sizes.

Cross-platform programs

For more than six years of experience of work in mobile software development, we also had cross-platform solutions which imply a single code base for multiple operating systems. For consumer apps, this type will be the best for those who have limited project budget. The idea of the cross-platform app development is to use web technologies to write a code and put them in a native shell to enable native functionality. In the end, about 80% of the code can be reused significantly reducing development time and cost and simplifying app maintenance. A cross-platform software will be much closer to native user interface design because every screen will require it particular solution so designers should create design multiple times for each particular screen size, And due to the difference of the operating systems, it will have much more bugs comparing with native apps.

As professional mobile app developers, we suggest you consider native app development because of 100% platform compatibility, flawless user experience and smooth performance. But when you approach us and tell about your app idea and what tasks it should solve, we will help you to determine the best suitable solution taking into consideration your requirements, timeframes, and project budget.


How we work

Being experienced developers we provide a flexible approach to our customers ensuring that our product completely satisfies their requirements and meets business needs. We pay individual attention to each our customer and suggest development model which suits the most. It doesn’t matter if you have a detailed project brief and want to have software done to the agreed date, or you have just a dim idea of mobile application and want to implement new features and changes throughout the development gradually forming the application. We will work with you using waterfall or agile methodology adjusting the development process to agreed tempo and requirements.

Research stage

We do more than just coding. Our business analysts provide a sufficient research on the market, business, competitors and target audience ensuring the validity of the mobile app idea. It is important to acquire your business insight to get the understanding how mobile technologies can help you in the most efficient way. At this stage, our QA experts also start carefully consider the project pitfalls and forecast potential challenges. This analytical work helps us to eliminate serious problems while software development ensuring solid and scalable architecture of the program.

Design stage

The design process requires creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and well-honed skills. And we are proud to say that our designers obtain all these skills and have sufficient experience in creating a human interface design for mobile software. We build interactive and intuitive designs ensuring user-friendliness, intelligible navigation and engaging user experience. We strive to keep interface guidelines that create familiar to users look and feel and preserve the unique business identity implementing a suitable colour pattern, fonts and logo. Our team suggest you several layouts before we integrate one into a program. Thus, you can select the one that appeals more and mirrors your company identity.

Development stage

Our company has teamed up developers with a proficient expertise in mobile software development who build a fantastic application of any complexity. As we agreed with you on your app core functionality and design layout, our programmers and software engineers start bringing your ideas to life. We welcome client’s participation in the development process of the mobile software solution and regularly ask for the feedback adjusting the app to the specified requirements. At first, we deliver you an MVP which presents a working program with minimum functionality so that you can try it and see if it is what you are looking for. And then we continue developing it implementing additional features and making improvements based on your feedback. Our team work with all sort of software development tools ensuring that we can cover any aspect of mobile software creation:
  • Native. Our mobile developers have mastered numerous native software development kits for iOS, Android, and Windows. We have proficient iOS developers who equally well write code in Objective-C and Swift using the latest Xcode IDE. Our Java programmers can write Android apps in both Android Studio and Eclipse IDE using the strong sides of these IDE. Our Windows Mobile developers use the latest version of Visual Studio writing code in C++.
  • Web-based. We have an expert knowledge of web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, ASP.Net and other provide us with access to the extensive JS libraries and APIs. We are good at both front- and backend development and can implement any functionality available for web apps.
  • Cross-platform. We have experience of work with Xamarin and PhoneGap cross-platform frameworks. Due to our competence in C#, HTML, JavaScript and CSS we can use all the potential of these frameworks creating exceptional cross-platform apps.

Launch and maintenance

Our QA experts keep testing your mobile software till the launch to ensure smooth performance, security, stress resistance, and usability. We take all the worries of the submission process saving your time and nerves. Our programmers write code that meets all the coding standards while QA experts ensure high quality of the program, so you shouldn’t be worried about submission review. After launch, we offer our maintenance services building reliable business relationships with our customers. We are here for you to update or upgrade the software anytime you need it.
  • How we can help you to benefit from mobile apps

    If you are interested in custom mobile software for business that means, that the company has reached that level when mobility becomes not a luxury but a necessity. Considering all the processes of globalisation, fast tempo of life, and power of information in this digital age, mobile software become a game changer in the way people run their businesses. Our development agency will be happy to empower your company with an efficient mobile application that transforms workflow and communication with the app users. Mobile software creation implies the creation of native, cross-platform or web apps striving to take advantage of the unique features and capabilities of particular mobile devices such as an accelerometer, GPS, camera and others.
  • Enhance your customer relationships

    Every adult person spends over 3 hours per day in their mobile devices. The largest part of this time people spend in the mobile applications. This information makes a good point in favour of creating your own mobile application to build better relationships with your customers reaching your target audience and potential clients all around the world. Our development team can help you to promote your brand via a mobile application. Whether you want to inform the customers about company activity and services, let them reach you 24/7, make some of the services online or look for a new way to promote the company and offer a special loyalty program for your customers, our mobile developers and designers will help to realise your app ideas.